Mark Byrne (USA)

Mark has elevated the art of balloons with his ground breaking DVD's series “Bad to the Balloon”.

He is The ”Original” Balloon Guy for over 25 years.

Working over 8 regular engagements per week in local restaurants combining magic & balloons together.


Life is Art. Make yours a Masterpiece!!





A Student of NYC Parson’s School of Design, Air Force Veteran, a rodeo cowboy, professional clown, Graphic Artist and President of the largest independent magic club in Florida Mark has a diverse background. He has performed for Princes to Parolees. 

Mark performs and creates magic daily. He has travelled the world making people happy,

performing in Shanghai, Brussels, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and

Boston to name a few. 

He was a Student of Jeff Mc Bride's Mystery School.

Currently he is combining two of his loves Fine Art and Magic in a show titled "Magritte & ME"

where surrealism is brought to life.  Whether its on Stage or table side he loves to perform.