James Sleight (Australia)















James Sleight is a magic all-rounder with almost 40 years in the magic business in Perth, Western Australia.  A normal week for James could include Illusion shows, Comedy Floorshows, Mentalism, Close up, or Kids Shows in venues from major corporate events or private functions for "The A list" to festivals, shopping centres and schools.  James has also done many international contracts from six month seasons as an illusionist in Japan and two month seasons at a major tourist attraction in Singapore to one day private events at the palace in Brunei just to name a few.


James is also the inventor of many of his own props and routines from illusions and livestock effects to close up and has made an international reputation as one of Australia's true professionals.  When you consider that Perth is the remotest city in the World and James works as a one man business you have to wonder how he has ended up in palaces and resorts doing private events for Sultans, Prime Ministers, Presidents and their families. 


Don't miss this rare opportunity to see James in action and learn about the true secrets of being creative and running a successful entertainment business "in the trenches" here in Australia.