Convention Program 2014

Please Note:

No persons will be allowed entry into The Lakeside Function Centre

before the official opening time of 5.00 p.m. Friday October 10th 2014,

except for Committee Members and Hotel Staff.


Dealers will be in the Lakeside Function Centre during the entire convention and

will be open during all breaks and in between events except during Dinner and Gala show.


*Program subject to change*





8:00  Dealers Open


9:00  Lecture by Mark Byrne

9:00 Impromptu Magic Competition

9:30 Lecture by Mark Byrne






11:00 Lecture by Dave Lord

10:15  Morning Tea

10:45  Close Up Competition

12:15 Lunch & Dealers

12:15  Lunch & Dealers

1:00 Lecture by James Sleight

1:15   Lecture by James Sleight

2:15 Afternoon Tea

2:45   Afternoon Tea

2:30 Lecture by Raymond Crowe


3:30 Discussions  Q & A with

our  lectures.

3:00   Lecture by Daryl



4:30   Stump The Experts


Function Room Open


5:00   Room closed to reset for Dinner

and Gala show

4:30  Winners announced and Close.

Room Closed to reset for Public Show






7:00 Public Show


Cocktail Food & Bar Open

7:00  Official Opening 

7:00  Dinner 

7:05 Lecture by Daryl

9:15 Stage Magic Competition  

9:30  Gala Show 

10:30 Magic & Mingle & Bar Open

11:30 Close